Aether Consulting

Aether is a one- stop aviation solution consulting company with over forty (40) years of cumulative, yet diverse industry experience, positioned to advise, support and execute your aspirations.

We can help you achieve your aviation desires; from airline start-up, airport set up, flight support services, aviation talent acquisition, comprehensive and efficient recruitment process, emergency response and crisis management, aviation business continuity planning, to training and capacity building.

With a global candidate network and industry expertise, we take a strategic approach to bringing your aviation desires and aspirations to reality.

Aether is a one- stop shop positioned to meet all aviation needs.

Business strategy development:
We offer you guidance in your business strategy through support while complementing your best efforts with our industry knowledge and vast experience
Market analysis for new product and market:
We assist in developing data based on market research for your business, ensuring your decisions are based on up to update information and data
Technology brokerage:
We are prepared and positioned to support your technology quest, drive for automation and migration whenever the need arises

Manpower and human resource support:
We support your business with time tested requirements tools aimed at bring on the best talents, and support you in your capacity building quest
Product Offering